I'm bringing corduroy back!

Remember when corduroy was really in...in the late 70s and early 80's? Mum dug out this big gorgeous piece of corduroy for me the other day. Mum used to sew a lot when I was young and most of my children clothes were either made by mum or my aunt Lillian (her bigger sister). It had been kept in storage all this while and it was meant for me. Mum bought it with the intention of making me overalls!! hmm...not that I'm being unappreciative but I'm so glad she didn't get around to it! tee hee...I have enough embarrassing photos from my childhood days! :-)
Having said that, I can't wait to make a dress from this for my new bear to wear! well...I definitely would have loved a dress instead of overalls...why didn't mum think of that instead!? :D


  1. I sure do remember those corduroy days :) I think a little bib and brace dress would look so sweet in that fabric. Juliet


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