three little puppies and a big one too!

When hubby and I went to adopt Walter, there were three beautiful King Charles Cavalier x Pug in the pen. There was Walter and his two siblings. Given Walter's size as a pup, we could tell he took most of his mother's milk and the way he trampled over his sisters so that I would pat him instead, he was definitely the dominant one! His dominance was a problem when we brought him home as he was constantly trying to establish himself second (after hubby) in the hierarchy. It took puppy pre-school and lots of loving and gentle training before he realized that we're all equals! tee hee
We should have seen the signs but non of this occurred to me at the time...he had me at "whoof"! lol

I had to post this photo of Walter. He often sits by me when I take photos of my new bears but today he plonked himself next to the cavaliers and curled up comfortably while I was snapping away. Though he does enjoy the company of people more than dogs, I wonder if he miss being part of a pack.


  1. What a wonderful combination! A quilt, a Cavalier and some sweet puppies! Love it!


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