She's a kimono gal

For 4 years, my bears have been wearing just their birthday suits but in the past 6 months, I've been so in love with pretty doll dresses and kimonos that it's inspired me to at least give it a try making my own. For me, making dresses have proved to be much more difficult than making the bears, even when it is the very simple pillow case dress. I've resorted to the fact that I'm no dress maker like my mum and her sister who also used to design and make beautiful wedding dresses. The dress making gene which I thought ran in our family must of skipped me....sigh!
After three attempts of making an outfits for Hiroko, I think this one seems to suit her the most.
Hope you like it! Hiroko is now available for adoption, please click here for her webpage and more photos of her in her new dress! :D


  1. She looks lovely Jenny!
    I've begun making my first bear, and think it is much more difficult than making dresses!
    I am definately hooked though and can't sleep for thinking about what kind of a little face he is going to have. Right now i'm just thrilled that i've managed to get his ears on in the right place!
    I am in awe of your terrific bear-making and designing skills! all your little critters are adorable! I'm loving little Mushy Pea! :o)

  2. I think you have done a find job of sewing the kimono. My mom, like yours, was great at doll clothing too. I can sew some doll clothing, but she had a real gift. My guess is that Hiroko will find a new home easily.

  3. i dont think the dress making gene skip you! You did an excellent job on this kimono.. (clap clap) wish I can sew one! I can't even make a bath robe=p


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