Mission acomplished...just about!

Have finally managed to finish my animes without any more distractions other than the frequent relapse of Bejeweled Blitz addiction I can't seem to shake! hehe
Please meet from left to right "Tofu", "Shoki" and you've already meet "Mamiko".
Since I introduced Mamiko a few days ago, she's now been reserved and will be going to live in the UK. Shoki will be listed on ebay for auction and Tofu will be available for adoption directly from my website. Am waiting for the sun to pass through my windows so I can take more photos before listing them on my website...therefore, it's a great time to practice my piano before the neighbours get home from work!!
Please feel free to email me to reserve otherwise, their links will be available shortly :D

Shoki is now listed on ebay for a 5 day auction until the 31st of May. Tofu is now available from adoption directly from my website! :D


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