After 5 years of JLB, I still feel like I'm still trying to perfect the JLB style that reflects me and my character....I think I'm getting close and with this new label design, it screams JLB for me. It's bright, colourful, cheery and happy (just the way I like my life to be)...okay, I'm not always like that but I do try to be when I wake up each day and appreciate the little things.
What are my top three things when I first get up?
1. a kiss from hubby
2. enthusiastic welcome from puppy
3. my first cup of tea...
...I fear that if I take things for granted, it will be taken from me...so on that note, have a beautiful day everyone! :D


  1. Hey those are my top three things in the morning...except for the fact I have two puppies...he he...and I drink coffee instead of tea:) I am missing the kiss from the hubby part though since he has been away on business for the past week but he get's back Friday:) He will just have to make up for all those missing kissies this weekend, that's my reward...wink wink;)

  2. BTW where do you get good labels? I want ones for my creations that will stand up for the long haul. I would like good quality and since you have been doing this for some time maybe you could shed some light on the subject? Especially since you labels are so cute!!!


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