simple pleasures:: recycled tea set

I was detail cleaning my kitchen a few weeks ago and to my delight, I found this old tea set hiding behind my cookbooks high up on the top shelve....okay, they weren't hiding, I hid them there a while ago and had forgotten about them! They just couldn't be used anymore, the tea pot has rusted inside and no amount of elbow grease was going smooth out the many scratches.
Do not like to waste, I was reluctant to throw them out and I knew one day, I will find their new purpose! The day has finally arrived where I can proudly display them again...

Despite the scratches, I managed to bring back a bit of shine and use the tea pot as a vase which will sit nicely on my work desk.

The creamer, I will use to hold my many buttons and the sugar bowl have been transformed into my pin cushion...

I'm so glad I didn't decide to bin them...I'm very attached to my newly found pin cushion and vase! What trash will you turn into treasures this weekend? Have a good one! :D


  1. That looks terrrific Jenny! You are so clever! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a fabulous idea, you're so clever, I like the pincushion idea. Sometimes I think I throw out things too quickly, when maybe hiding them in a cupboard for awhile would be better!!!
    Have a good weekend!
    Margaret B

  3. thank goodness you didn't bin them! they look gorgeous and i love how you repurposed them...


  4. Gosh... I wonder if you have some others lying around? hehehe... love to get one of these...


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