Dorothy grew up!

Once upon a time, as a young girl I used to wear very 'colourful' that gave me such a wonderful feeling of happiness but made DH (bf at the time) and friends cringe with embarrassment for me and themselves each time we step out into the public together! hehe..
The most embarrassing pair and my absolute favourite at the time was what I called my "peacock" sequins flats from Japan (below).
One either really dislike them or love them. While my friends (especially the guys) dread the attention we get from passers-by, very often I do get girls and occasionally guys stopping me to ask where I got my shoes from. Often than not, they get very disappointed to find the shoes are not from the country and hence not attainable by which then some try to bribe me to take them off my feet literally!

This is my Peacock shoes mentioned, sparkly brightly in the taken by DH on our 14 day "midnight sun" cruise where the sun do not set 24 hours a day from UK to Norway...DH find them weird by he can't but help be amused by them!

This pair is a marc jacobs and another favourite...okay, they're ALL my favourites!LOL
Also have traveled the globe with me...taken by DH without me knowing in Barcelona while resting in front of the Sacra Familia. DH doesn't know it, but I think he has a fetish for my shoes...why all the photos right!!!? LOL
Sadly, I still have this pair but the tie have snapped off and cannot be worn any more :(

...why did I create this post? oh..yes, it was once upon a time ago since I've worn those wonderful shoes which made me feel good about myself...since I moved back to Melbourne and am now living in the city, I walk everywhere and have opted for practicality and comfort but also, I'm not a young girl anymore and thinks I ought to dress my age! Well with my wacky taste in shoes and dressing my age made shoe shopping rather difficult and unconsciously I think I gave up somewhere along the way a few years back. This is why I was so ecstatic to come across this pair of glittery platforms yesterday during my postal run...I knew when I slipped it on and fitted like a glove it was made for me! :D

I'm a rather shy person and despite DH and friends joke about clicking my heals together (all said with love of course), the Dorothy in me never gave out and now she's grown up! ^^

Even Walter think its good enough to eat!! haha
Ps. I can't wait to see my friend's reactions this weekend when we meet for a house warming...I'm baaacck! lol


  1. I love your new shoes and I bet DH does too! :o)

  2. Those shoes are awesome!! I'm glad your inner Dorothy has popped her head up again :oD

  3. I love the marc jacobs! i do the same thing... red flats are often worn around town for me, i even had a pair of lemon yellow reeboks that were the squishiest most amazing things ever! good post, good pics!


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