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Sometimes, I wonder if it's just me...
The older I get, I seem to become busier and busier and time seems to tick away ever so faster than my younger years where I still remember sitting idly, letting the day pass me by. Now, I'm forever racing the clock and would you believe I forgot about Jennylovesbenny's 7th Birthday!?

Jennylovesbenny turned 7 in October and although, Jenny Bear with her furry friends and I did have a tea party in October, we never really celebrated the special occasion. It just doesn't count if there's no candle on the cake!! Looks like I'm just going to have to make it up with more tea parties this year! I'm sure the bears will be happy about that, any excuse to eat cake!

Another year flown by and I'll like to say THANK YOU!!! Jennylovesbenny has certainly grown over the years and it still always brightens my day to learn my bears bring smiles and joy to you. THANK YOU for taking the time to read my blog, for your lovely emails and comments and for your support. THANK YOU to all Jennylovesbenny mums and dads for adopting my furry babies and to everyone who's created their own Jennylovesbenny Bears from my patterns and sharing your creations with me! From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely THANK YOU!

To celebrate jennylovesbenny's belated 7th Birthday, I'll like to offer a blog giveaway. The winner will receive a HARDCOVER image wrapped copy of my Jennylovesbenny Birthday Book together with a hard copy pattern of their choice.

How to Enter? Just leave a comment on this post during the next 7 days and you'll be automatically entered in the draw, starting with this post and ending Sunday the 14th of November.

Extra Entries? Yes!
Follow Jennylovesbenny's Facebook page to get an extra entry

To help promote my new Jenny Bear Blog, I'll like to offer TWO extra entries for each of the follows below:
Follow Jenny Bear blog
Follow Jenny Bear's Facebook page

Please leave one comment and tell me which is your favourite JLB bear from my gallery or patterns and also what pattern you would like to receive as the winner.

For your extra entries to count, please also include in your comment which you've followed even if you're already following.

I will be using randome.org to generate a number to pick the winner. The winner will be revealed later that day. Good Luck and THANK YOU again!


  1. Yeah!!! you go girl!! congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your cuties and your talent with us!!!

  2. Congratulations Jenny.... may you have many more celebrations!! I'd love to win your giveaway! keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. ps Jenny... Gabriel my favorite and I'd like Flower's pattern if I should win!

  4. Hi Jenny, Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with the whole world, you should be very proud of yourself, >_<
    I just realized, Jennybear shares the same birthdate as my mum's. Sagittarius are my closest and dearest friends... ^^
    And I love Kuniko 邦子 in that lovely kimono....
    p.s. really keeping my fingers crossed...lol

  5. Congrates Jenny, cant wait for the many more birthdays of Jennybears.
    My favourite JLB bear is Mina-Chan and I like the Steffi pattern if I should win! Fingers crossed. xx

  6. Congrats, your bears, bunnies, elephants ect are such cuties! May you have many more birthdays with lots of sweets! My favorite is Dixie and if I win, I would love the Hip Hop pattern.

  7. Congrats and more bears to come~lol....

    My favorite? Of course my little girls, the 3 Charlie Angels : Harumi, Rosy Belle and Serafina =D

    I love the kimono bears too but I can't admit it=P I don't want to hurt my girls hehee..

    Love all your patterns... gee which one?hmmm maybe spooky? love the sound of his name~

  8. Btw, I would love Avril's pattern if I should win.... >.< she's just too sweet~~~

  9. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I love your work!

  10. Hello Jenny,
    First of all, congratulations with the 7th jennylovesbenny anniversary. you are really creating adorable sweethearts. I would like to make a choice to win the blog giveaway. I've made me a follower of your blog and I hope this mail is satisfying as my husband doesn't want me to look on Facebook.
    Your creation I like very much is Jenny Bear wearing a "Hello Kitty" pillow case dress. The Tippady you made last week is also super sweet.
    Thanks a lot and up to the next 7 years....

  11. Congratulations on JLB's 7th birthday! Wow such a great achievement!! Your creations are so gorgeous and inspiring. I love checking your blog for pictures of the latest cutie :) I'm currently putting Peanut together with my little girl impatiently waiting! Best wishes for the next 7yrs Jenny! xxx
    PS We would like to welcome Melody to our home please.

  12. Oh wow! 7 years is a long time and a super achievement, huge big congratulations to you!

  13. Дженни,поздравляю!!! Красивый блог!Очень хочется победить!Мне нравятся RAMBO и Snuggle!!!
    Большое спасибо за выкройку Sunday!

  14. Congratulations with all my heart!
    I've just found your blog through "am ay kay ee" blog, and it is so wonderful!
    I added it to my google reader to be always nearby :) Thank you for a chance to win a book!

    Best wishes,

  15. Hello dear Jennie! My congratulations to you!!!
    I already follower for all your blogs and Facebook pages!
    I just love all your bears especially girls with kimono, all your little bunnies, chicken and ducks, but I think that Tika with big mushroom hat is my favourite :)
    Thank you for a chance to win!
    Bear hugs


  16. I would love to be entered in your give-away. Your little critters are so cute. Love those little puppies.
    Thanks, cindy

  17. Congrats Jenny! Please enter me for this fabulous give-away. I am a follower of of your blogs and facebook pages. I love the elephant Marshmallow and would like to win her pattern. Getting my fingers crossed!

    Wayneston Hugs,

  18. Hello Darling...First off Happy Birthday!!!

    I follow you on BOTH Facebook and your blog :)

    I would absolutely LOVE to have TRUMPET's Pattern =)


  19. I forgot to say that Claudine is my favorite Bear from the gallery bc she reminds me of my Mazzy. One day I would LOVE to have you make one in her remembrance. xoxo

  20. CONGRATS ON 7 YEARS!!! I hope the next 7 are even more successful! Tinkabee's pattern would make me SQUEEE! LOL!

  21. Dear Jenny!
    Congratulations! =)
    I just adore your Sniffles bear and the patter I dream of is Kikki Chickadee =)
    *fingers crossed* =)

  22. Congrats on seven years blogging :)
    I have also been following on facebook quite a while. Being on the facebook is great, it means even though i am extra busy at the moment (have four kids that have all got to an age that require lots of me) I still get to see your most resent creations.
    I hadn't looked through your patterns for a while, so decided to pick my favourite this very moment, clicked on the most dearest bear i had even see to find it was called Natalie, which is oddly enough my own name!
    So my fav from gallery is Cute little Sachi and from patterns is (of course) Natalie.
    Keep up the most beautiful teddy work x

  23. Hi Jenny,
    congratulations! I've been folowwing you quite a while and I am totally in love with your creations. Allways so cute and exactly the way they should be! Love to enter your give away!
    Hugs from Hollans, Sascha

  24. Congratulations on seven years, You do beautiful work!!!!

  25. Hi Jenny,
    I think your patterns are all lovely and would have trouble choosing. Congrats on your 7th Birthday.

  26. Hi Jenny,

    Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday!! Thanks for sharing your creations with us - they never fail to cheer me up!!

    Love, Sokie :)

  27. I just found your blog. Your little bears are gorgeous. I hope I'm not too late for your giveaway.

  28. Congratulations on your 7th birthday! All your bears and animals are just adorable, I love them all so much. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway if I'm not too late x


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