The Bears That Care 2010 - Email Bids

Remember "The Bears that Care 2010 charity auction"? It's just around the corner held on 12th November . The Bears that Care charity auction are keen to give all collectors and bear lovers the opportunity to participate in this special auction and will be able to accept email bids up until midday (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) on Friday, 12 November.

Anyone interested in participating in this way can register their interest and place their bid by emailing the following information to before midday on 12 November.

Bidder Name:
Bidder Postal Address:
Phone No:
Lot No.:
Bear Name:
Starting Bid: $
Maximum Bid: $

On the night of the auction, therefore, where they have an email bidder, once their starting bid is reached, and if there is competition for that bear, the bids will increase by $10 and then $5 as appropriate until bidding ceases. Should the bidding on that particular bear stop within your range, then they will win that item at that price (plus the cost of postage).

For any information regarding this, please contact:
Judi Herschell at
Fundraising Manager
Fight Cancer Foundation - Ovcare

Happy Bidding and good luck all! :D