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I love quilts!! The last time I made one was for a project in high school and I've been wanting to make another one for donkey years but I know it will take me almost forever to finish one with my current hectic schedule, a balancing act between JLB, family and chores.

There's something about them...perhaps it's knowing the many hours spent and much love that's been poured into making a quilt that makes them so special!!

I stumbled upon this gorgeous quilt by wisecraft who created this beautiful piece of work. I love it even more because it's created from "Emma's baby clothes"!! Recycling and quilting to me is like tea and scones, they work so well together. I'm so totally inspired, are you???


  1. what a beautiful quilt! And I just made a baby named Emma...but she's so small she could cuddle up in just one square of it :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for dropping by and for your lovely comment. I've just visited your blog and your babies are just adorable!! Your Emma can probably be cuddled up in just one square of this lovely quilt and get lost in it too! :D


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