it's a chocolates fest 🍫🐰

As if four days of stuffing our faces with chocolate eggs weren't enough, my besty suggested we spent Easter Monday visiting the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery!! 🍫🍦

Never listen to a preggy chocoholic and her cravings I say but yes, I know, I didn't put up much of a fight but jumped at the great suggestion! LOL 

It was such a beautiful day and a lovely day for a drive and picnic...

Here we are...

Awesome Giant Easter Bunny ~ try getting your teeth into that!

or how about this 1kg mega bar??

Easter bunnies and eggs...all discounted!

There was even an Easter egg hunt Friday, Saturday and Sunday! what fun!

This year's Easter creations ~ how cute are they!!! eeeeeee

I remember these as a kid..don't think they were this big back then!

of course there's chocolates for the adults too..

such selections..

way too many choices, maybe one of each?

great view for a picnic with our bags of chocolate and ice cream!

could have fallen asleep basking in the sunshine on the hill...ahhhhh can you hear me relaxing!? 😎

If you're ever down this way or visiting Australia, this is definitely one place to visit.

Have I tickled your chocolate craving again? hehe..

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  let the chocolate detox begin! please...