Easter Fever...?

It's Easter fever I say, the supermarket shelves are stockpiled with chocolate rabbits and eggs, not to mention the Easter egg hunts which has already began and more are yet to come!  I can't help but have bunnies popping up all over in my head hence, it was inevitable my new creation will be of course .. an Anime Bunny! 🐰🐇

I'm so excited to introduce to you "Pippy".. ( named by Daniel )

It's the first time I've put my anime bunny in a dress but I quite like it and I must admit, I always have so much fun dressing them. 👗😊  The weather is getting cold so I felt that a scarf was required especially since Pippy enjoys her time out in the garden. 🌻 I hope you like my new creation.  Pippy is now available from my Etsy shop.

I'm off to another egg hunt...let's hope I don't pick up last years egg! 😳