💋 A new Journey - Part 1

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a little girl who loved to draw. She loved her colour pencils, colouring and making paper dolls to play.  As she grew, her studies became more important, so she traded in her little box of pencils for text books instead.

Many many years later, this little girl grew up and went to work in the UK.  
On her travels, she visited the "Cumberland Pencil Museum".  It was like visiting a candy shop for her and she was once again a little girl...

In the Museum, she came across this wonderful box...she wasn't sure if she'll ever use it as it's been an awfully long time since she last put pencil to paper but nevertheless, not getting it was like walking out of a candy store without a candy!

..so here I am with my box of CANDY!! 😝

It did take a while before this box of water colour pencils was put to a good use.  This was tucked away in my cupboard, still sealed in it's original box since it arrived from the UK.  I have coloured and drawn since however, nothing I did was worthy of breaking open this box until now..

I knew these had a purpose!

to be cont...