Wallpaper for your PCs anyone?

Hi All,

You've probably noticed I've been extremely time poor these past few years that I've totally neglected the JLB monthly Wallpaper for you.  In truth, I wasn't sure if many or anyone was using it also until I saw this... 🤗

What a delightful surprise it was for me when one of you lovelies sent me a photo of your PC at work even though we are waaaaaay past December.   Apparently it was a bit of a stress relief at work and it makes her smile! That to me was just precious and so I decided to continue doing my JLB calendar wallpapers, even if it makes a small different to someone out there. I hope it helps to brighten your day, even if it's just a little. 🙂

Being the first of the month today,  I figure what better time to start so tonight, I created this calendar wallpaper.  It's one of my favourite pics taken with my Jenny Bear at the Lavendula Farm in Daylesford. It includes the months of June, July and August but will change it as often as time permits, promise!  I hope you like it. 

Just click on the photo and download.



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