Have you gone mad yet? ⏳🗝🎀

TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK! What a buzz "Alice Through the Looking Glass" is creating!!  It certainly is in this household!  I've even taken out all my cups and saucers which I've collected over the years, gave them a good clean since they've been locked away for goodness how long.  We're getting ready for a JennyLovesBenny Tea party just because we're all going mad!! LOL

Despite going mad, I have been working on a new Bunny as mentioned in my last post.  Inspired by the Alice theme, she's a new design and here is a little sneak peek of my work in progress.  I can't wait to put her all together and dress her up!  Fingers crossed I will have her finished in the next couple of days... 

If you are in the UK at the moment ( Luck you! ), you must head to Fortnum and Mason.  They've decked out the store with looking glasses, butterflies, roses, teapots, Alice, the whole works!! What a treat!! eeeeeeeee!  Remember to take plenty of photos in your state of awe! 😆