💋 A new Journey - Part 2

I've grown so fond of these little girls which has brought me on to a new journey of creating my own collection of custom Blythe dolls.  

A while back, I got myself this little sweetie.  I chose her for her gorgeous long brown hair and pretty face.

It was very daunting at first after the sanding, I must say, it took me a while to gather up my courage to start carving.   Here is my progress so far...

still lots of sanding and smoothing here but I think I'm pretty happy with her shape.  Totally different to what I had tried to do but it will have to do.  I'm afraid I might over do it and my girl will have no face at all..

Now this is where my "box of candy" comes out for a worthy piece of work ( I hope! ).

Below: Spoilt for colours, her face and brows are done. 

ta da!  I haven't quite gotten round to creating my eye chips for her yet but I found these beautiful eye chips from the lovely Ana of BlytheEvolution, you can check out her shop here: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/BlytheEvolution?ref=hp_rv

I need to get some Tamiya gloss paint for her lips, make some nice pull strings and then I can put her together.  I'm pretty happy with my first attempt. 😊

EEEEEEeeeeeee...can't contain my excitement!! Can't wait to have my own FIRST little non-furry girl! 💋

Thank you to all Blythe artists for your tips and tutorials on how to customise Blythes, I need all the help I can get and your expertise advice really helped! Looking forward to join your dolly world!