Millie ~ Cavalier pup 🐶


Please meet my new puppy Cavalier “Millie” who’s unlike most puppies likes to lay about instead of chasing her own tail. She’s quite happy to lay on her back for you to rub her belly until she falls asleep. Millie likes slow pace strolls and stopping to smell the flowers so please don’t rush her. She’s so easy to look after, she’s just happy being right next to you.

Height: Approximately 21cm tall standing
Joints: 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints
Fur: curly thick mohair 
Eyes: Glass eyes 
Nose: brown embroidered nose.
​Filling: filled with quality polyflock stuffing. 
*Her feet also contains stainless steel shots to give her weight.

⏳Limited: ~ intended for Adult collectors and not suitable for young Children. 

Millie is now looking for a home and is available from my Etsy shop.  Please find the link below:

The coming week, I shall have a new pink elly and hopefully I'll have a new Blythe girl to show you! Until then, have a great weekend! ❤️