Make each day count in September 💗

This year has certainly flown by and yet again I've been reminded about September's wallpaper.
Thank you my friends for keeping me in tow, I'm just honoured you look forward to my monthly wallpaper to decorate your screen(s).

This month's wallpaper features Belle and Puchi.  Here is a capture of Belle and Puchi at my desk today.  Belle's generally a good girl, I think I may have spoilt her a little but I don't think Puchi will let her get away with bad behaviour! tee hee

Belle: “I thought Mummy was making these hats for me, this one is sold but I want them all!”.😞
Puchi: “the last time I checked, you only have one head Belle”.
Belle: “I’m going to request for a more supportive puppy, this one is broken!”
Puchi: 😆🤔🙄😬

teee heee...
For a larger copy, please visit my flickr link below:

Hope you have a fabulous month! Spring is finally here down under! yeah!!