Macarons anyone?

I always love going to Japan! There are so many cutesy things to be seen and buy.   During my trip, I picked up some macaron moulds, piping clay and decorations to make my own macarons.  Along with gorgeous Japanese fabrics, together I've been inspired to make these delicious looking macaron bunny and teddy hats for the Blythe dolls.

The past week, I've been having lots of fun creating and decorating my macarons and been sewing up a storm making these helmets.  

There are four helmets available, all with different designs.  I will be making more in the future, though they may be similar but never identical.  

In this set, there are four flavours...

Design 1: Rose and Chocolate Macaron Bunny hat

Design 2: Lavender and Lemon Meringue Macaron Bunny hat

Design 3: Orange and Lime Macaron Teddy hat

Design 4: Raspberry and Blueberry Macaron Bunny hat.

They are now available from my Etsy shop, here is the direct link to take you there.

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