Studio updates!

Here's a little message for those especially who missed out on Emi and Aiko...
Little "Chiaki" would like to say 'hi'!

So what's been happening in the jennylovesbenny home studio??
5 little Japanese animes bears are on their way. All with their individual colourful head gears!! As a little treat, a sneak preview of "Chiaki" (one of the five). When will they be listed? Pending on how sore my fingers get (and they are starting to get sore), I'm hoping to list them by the end of the be the first to know, I invite you to join my mailing list.


  1. Dear Jenny,
    I just love your anime bears !!! with their hats, scarves ... So cute! Love the ones adopted by Jenny!
    Beary hugs,

  2. Hi Sandrine,
    Thank you so much!
    More animes will be coming soon in the next few days when my fingers recover! LOL


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