it's another creme brulee

There's not much new bears in the shop lately as I'm busy with custom orders. As soon as I'm done, I will have something very special for you :D

To give myself a little break, I decided I need a little sugar hit so this weekend, I made myself some creme brulee...

I swear, my first attempt at making creme brulee must've been beginner's luck because since then, my creme brulees has been too runny so I ended up freezing them and turn them into ice-cream, they've been over cooked, curdled or just blahg! Now after my tenth attempt (and I'm not exaggerating - just ask DH as he's had to suffer my many failings by turning his stomach into a garbage bin), I decided that it wasn't was the recipe!! hehe
So I scoured the internet for a 'no fail' creme brulee recipe and came across this fabulous blog "A table for two" and what a fabulous name to I must add! There and behold, I found THE PERFECT non-fail recipe!! Having said this, you'll probably try this at home and it won't work! tee hee..but to assure you, I've made this three times now and each time, it's been perfect!! muaawwwhh! bellissimo!!!

Ever since DH and I had our wedding at the Werribee mansion where we had the best creme brulee dessert EVER and I really mean EVER because everyone scraped and licked their ramekins clean! Now, anytime someone mentions my wedding, there will be no doubt that someone's face will light up and mention THE creme brulee! Now to give you an idea, this creme brulee was very sweet but had a tinge of bitterness from the brulee, it was silky smooth and creamy like thick creamy custard just as described by ATFT...ops, just salivated on my keyboard! LOL

Well, this creme brulee is pretty much what was served at our wedding and I'll be surprise if it's not the same recipe...I hope you enjoy it as much as me because after this, I'm so pleased to say my search for a creme brulee recipe is over! THANK YOU ATFT!! :D

If you love creme brulee as much as I do, this recipe is for you, just click here


  1. Ooooh, this sounds heavenly!!! Hi Jenny...we meet again, this time at the table instead of the sewing machine. ;) I am going to try this for sure. I love creme brulee so it'll be made soon, count on that!

    I love your blog!!! I just discovered it this morning & intend to read it all & try my hand at all the yummies. I'll let you know how I fair! =)

  2. yum! my stomach just growled. can't wait to try out that recipe :)

  3. Mummm c'est français la crème brulée !!! Miam miam !!! A french blogueuse who like your blog and your lovely teddies !!! Sorry for my english...very bad...Cousu cousin


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