*:: Ela the elephant cub ::*

Another piece that's been work in progress is this little baby...I've been dying to use this beautiful alpaca since I received it. Please meet my latest elephant cub "Ela" created from my Trumpet's pattern. Ela is now ready for adoption from my shop... Ela has just found a new home however, if you wish to make your own Ela, please drop me an email. I will be listing Ela's complete kit in my shop shortly! If you're interested in Ela's beautiful coat, I still have a small supply of this "Cherry Blossom Pink: (short pile) alpaca left, please visit my mohair page! Have a super fab day everyone! :D


  1. She's absolutely adorable! I really like your elephants (and well, elephants in general too), they're so very cute. :)

  2. I love her! I always love your fabric choices too... such amazing work!

  3. Your creations are the most adorable toys I have ever seen. They reflect your love of creating I can see. Utterly divine - i'd love one for my niece, but i'd have to have one to ;)


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