I'm back!!! :D

For someone who loves the snow and dream of seeing the Emperor penguins in Antarctic one day, I really don't like the cold!! It's been about three weeks since I've been missing in action and I hope you'll be happy to know, I'm finally coming out of hibernation!! In the next few weeks, you'll see more chicks, more anime bunnies and hopefully, more Twinkee keyrings but first, I like to introduce my latest Jenny Bear!!!! :D
Jenny Bear has just been adopted and is now living in Ontario, Canada! listed in my shop, for lots of photos and adoption details, please click here! Hope you have a fab weekend :D


  1. It's so odd that you complain about cold!
    Here has been 40º c everiday and I'm SICK of it! :P
    I must constantly remember me that you are on other hemisphere! :)

  2. 40º c sound like bliss!! give me sunshine any day!!! :D

  3. You should live in Vegas, it is rediculously HOT here! I love your bear! She is way cute!

  4. Thanks Anastasia! :D
    I know I should enjoy the cold while I can because Summer in Melbourne can be rough going too but thankfully today was a lovely sunny day :D


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