It must be Easter Chickadee fever...

I'm certain it was the full moon that kept me wide awake till 3am the other'm not a werewolf ..I think.  Well, not that I'm aware hairy back the last time I checked but hubby night beg to differ! lol! :P

I seem to be at my most creative state when I can't burning the mid-night oil, I started to create my new Chickadee "Mai".


...and I made her a party dress


"Mai" is created from Japanese felted mohair. I love working with this fabric, it's just lovely and soft.
Thank you to everyone who messaged and liked my FB post for "Mai", she has now found a new home and will be joining her new mummy shortly. 

No full moon tonight but I'm feeling very inspired again after being absent for so long...will give you a little peek of my next JLB baby tomorrow when I can take some pics in the morning.

good night!