🌸🌺Fill your October with Beautiful Memories..

Now that I've started my Wallpaper calendars again, it's made me realised even more how quickly the year is flying by.  The Spring weather has finally arrive in Melbourne after a cold start...the petals on the blossom trees have started to fall and drifting with the warm breeze we've been having and are now replaced with fresh green leaves...

I finally managed to make a Kimono for my own Blythe "Belle", I love this girl to bits and have made next month's wallpaper featuring her with my favourite quotes written to me by my bestie as I was leaving for the UK ~ "Write to me as often as their wings inscribe the clouds, the wings of wild geese heading north, never stop writing." ~ Mursaki Shikibu

I hope you like this one, just click on the photo to download.
Hope your October will be filled with beautiful memories! :D



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