🌸♩Serendipity!! ♬♫♪

Tidying up my work room is like a going on a treasure hunt, I never know what I'll find! Yap, I'm one of those people who put things away to keep thing neat and tidy and then forgetting where I'd put them when I need it! Tee heeee

  This week,  I found this tin box, tucked away far far back in the cupboard.  To my pleasant surprise, it was box full of sewn bears which I'd packed away during my first house move.  I'd totally forgotten about them!!!

I won't tell you what bear is in stall but I can tell you they are from my earlier designs. 😀
The next few weeks, I will attempt to complete them and bring them to life..poor things have been waiting and waiting in the dark...

I hope you'll get a nice surprise too,  please stay tuned!