give me back my Spring..🌸

Hi All!!

Can you believe we're almost in November?  It's been so cold and we probably only had a handful of nice warm days in Melbourne.  Winter had decided to stay for much longer than I want it to and now, we've almost missed Spring!  The cold deprived me of any white flowers on my wisteria which I'd planted 4 two years ago.  Let's hope the Summer bloom on my other plants will make up for the cold!

This month,  I made a new Anime Bear "Chocoball" because he just reminds me of chocolate Maltesers!!! LOL

Chocoball is currently looking for a new home, please visit my link here:

I'd also spent a lot of time with my new addiction of customising Blythe dolls and my latest is "Alice"!  Who doesn't like Alice in Wonderland right??  Here's some photos of my version of "Alice"..

We can't have an Alice without a Alice has her own JLB Twinkee bunny to keep her company!!  Below are pull strings I've created...can you spot the rabbit?

Inscription on the back...there really is no time like the present!

I've just listed Alice in my Etsy shop, please find the link below:

For more photos of Alice, please visit there's lots of lovely photos of Alice there.Before I forget, here is November's wallpaper.  I hope you like it! :DHave an awesome month everyone, before you'll know it we'll be in 2017!!!Hugs,