Recap the last couple of weeks...and I have another little girl! 💖🎀💖

Good Morning!! Or I should say afternoon! It's a late start today after a full on day yesterday, I knew my energy wouldn't last this long before I need a full recharge. I need a 4 day weekend! Wouldn't that be nice? :D

It's been a hectic couple of weeks at JLB.  I'm spending more time on Facebook and Instagram with my snippets of daily updates, so if you wish to see my snippets, please follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

So what's been happening?

I finally got to make a Kimono for my Belle.  I do enjoy dressing Jenny Bear and Belle in Kimonos, I love playing around with the different fabrics and putting them together.  It's such a beautiful costume and design!  I've listed Belle's kimono in my Etsy shop:'s very easy to fit and take off.. :D

I started working on my second Blythe doll.

Here is the original girl with Shiu Mei panda. 

I think pretty much all that could go wrong did go wrong this this little girl.  I had such beginner's luck with my first Custom Blythe Belle thankfully, otherwise, I would have been really discouraged.   I was really determined not to let all the issues I've had defeat me and I'm so glad I did.  I absolutely adore this little girl and have named her "Pink"!! 💖

I had a request for more Piggies in my shop so I created this little baby.

My new Piggy "BABE" is now reserved, THANK YOU all for your views and likes. Today I will make a start on a Twinkee Bear for my new girl and two anime Bears. Will show you some sneak peaks along the way...thank you for coming along on my JLB journey! It's because of you that I'm "Living the life I want to live"!😘😘😘

Have a super Sunday!!