When I'm in my work room...it feels like Magic! ✨

It really does feel like magic when I'm in my working room..how nice it would be if time stood still when I'm in the there because it sure does fly by way too quickly when I'm sewing!!

These few days I've been having a Mad Hatter moment! Maybe because I've been scratching my head for days thinking about what to do for Daniel's book week dress up for school next week and ta da....we're recycling his Easter Parade hat to create Alice's Wonderland Rabbit!!

All this thinking and creative brain activity is making me jump around between carving a new doll, painting eye chips, making a tiny Ted and sewing up some new dresses for my new blue hair blythe! LOL

My work room is now looking like a bomb site but can't stop now, no time to tidy up, I had an urge to make a new Jenny Bear Angel..after all, got to do what makes you happy right!? 😆 #dowhatmakesyouhappy 💖

Here is my Angel to be so far..hopefully I'll have him finished complete with Wings and ready for adoption tomorrow....then I SHOULD probably tidy up my room! :D

Till tomorrow...