🐰 Bunny fever!

Thank you all for visiting my 2018 Easter Bunnies.  They have all been adopted! A BIG THANK YOU to all JLB mums who's given my furry babies a home.

JLB studio is never without a rabbit for too long.  We're all a bit hopping mad around here!! LOL :P
In the past week, I've just finished another anime bunny...please meet Custard who is also running away to the circus! Little do they know, rabbits don't belong to the circus! I think?... I can't recall ever seeing rabbits at a circus but please do let me know if that is not so!

Custard is now listing at www.jennylovesbenny.com 

Don't forget, you can always make your own anime Bunny which will be even more special made by you.
Here is the link to my anime bunny pattern: https://www.jennylovesbenny.com/product-page/anime-bunny-e-pattern

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Thank you always for your wonderful support!!


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