Happy Birthday to me?!!

Facebook reminders are great!!!
I'd totally forgot it was Jennylovesbenny’s Birthday yesterday until I logged into Facebook and saw a reminder post from 9 years ago! Yesterday Jennylovesbenny turn 15!! OMG where did the time go? 

Being a bear artist was never planned, instead I had set life up to finish Uni, get a good job, work abroad and travel.  Like life, it has its ups and downs but Jennylovesbenny has been an amazing journey to date and it was the reward I got when simply just trying something new.  
Hubby does a lot of reading and listening to podcasts.  Not sure where he heard or read it from but he reminds me we should do something we've not done before each year (even something small and doesn't have to cost a lot of money) and also now and then do things we normally do but differently like taking a different route instead of the usual freeway which may get us there faster, but we might miss a new restaurant which had just popped up.  

It is too easy to get stuck in the rut with the growing hectic lifestyle of family, work, housekeeping and grade 1 homework!!  It can be difficult to keep up with new experiences all the time but I have to say, doing something new and out of the ordinary occasionally has been an inspiring way of life for me.  It is with this house rule we have which lead me to discovering Blythe dolls! My new love!

Today, pondering over the last 15 years of Jennylovebenny certainly makes me realise how quickly those 15 years has gone by, especially the last 7 years after having my little boy.  It also makes me think of how many good, fit and healthy years I have left which at this rate, not a lot! 😱

I can't believe Jennylovesbenny is still around but it's all thanks to you!  

Through Jennylovesbenny I'm grateful to have meet so many friends, in person and online.  I'm thankful to be able to do a job I LOVE each day!  I'm honoured and delighted my creations have brought smiles to all that has adopted my furry babies.   Till today, I still get very excited when one of my bears or dolls gets adopted and it still puts me on a high when I receive a wonderful review or beautiful message from their new mummies.

I want to say a BIG "THNAK YOU" to you all for your wonderful support over the last 15 years!! 
I hope I can continue creating and bring smiles to you for many years to come. :D



  1. This is a nice share. Everyone is over the moon these days because of the Christmas day approaching so fast. I have been doing the party preparations for a month now and everything is almost prepared. Our family bash at the domestic event space is definitely going to be highly enjoyable for all of us.


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