Especially for Ming...

I'm very pleased to say that its been rather hectic in the studio last month but I'm sorry that I've neglected to blog about all the going ons with JLB.  Its been awfully difficult for me to blog every couple of days unlike the old days where FB and instagram didn't exist and also, I didn't have a family and child (not a furry one anyway) to tend to.

Nevertheless, I will try to update as much as time permits and more importantly for now, before this month gets too far away from me, I've created October's Calendar Wallpaper.  This is was created for a very special person, a request from Midnight's mummy so this month's wallpaper is especially for her.  I hope you like it too!

For a larger copy please download from my Flickr account.  Link is below:

Have a great month in October ~ Make each day count! 💗


  1. Love it!!! thank you for the wonderful surprise ^^


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