Let's just snuggle...

It doesn't happen a lot because I tend to day dream a bit but from the time I got up this morning, it had been a very productive day!! Yeah me!!

Before lunch, I managed to finished Jenny Bear's new pet elephant...please meet Blossom!! 

Blossom is my first elephant of that size!! She wears a sassy coat and is also 5 way jointed with tiny cotter pin joints.  She also has tiny German glass eyes.  I'm really pleased with how she turned out and I'm loving this pair.  For those who has asked about Blossom's pattern.  I will make her pattern available in the future..soon!  Will keep you posted, please stay tuned :D

Jenny Bear and Blossom are now ready for a new home and they are available from my website here:- https://www.jennylovesbenny.com/bears 
alternatively, they are also in my Etsy shop at :- 

Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions. 

The first day of November has almost escaped me but it hasn't past yet and here it is...November's wallpaper is of course Jenny Bear and Blossom ...

For a larger copy of this file, please visit my flickr account to download: 

Remember to make each day count!! Hope you have a great month in November! :D


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