Please meet my new anime bear "little Pink", she's a cheeky young thing!! Little Pink is created from my Anime Sugar pattern and is approximately 13cm/5 inches tall. She is 5 way jointed assembled using cotter pin joints and wears beautiful long sparse soft pink mohair. Little Pink has a small dark brown embroidered nose and big rosey cheeks. She has large black German glass eyes and is filled with quality polyflock stuffing.
Please note* - Little Pink comes with Mr. Egg's cosy hat
Mr. Egg and his egg cup is not included in this listing. He'll definitely be stopped at customs and I dare not think what Little Pink will get up to with her cheeky games in quarantine!!

Little Pink is currently being auctioned on eBay till the 27th of Oct. Please click on the link to take you to her auction:
Here's a very short story from little Pink...I hope you enjoy it :D Little Pink have now found a new home with Shantell and will be traveling to the US.

oh...what a nice hat!
I think it looks better on me...

don't you agree?

don't worry Mr. Egg, I will keep you warm :D