Rainy days are my favourite time for tea!

I do LOVE rainy days, specially when it pours down with rain creating a cascade of water running down my windows...and of course I'm nice and cosy indoors! :D
It's my favourite time to have that cup of tea..my favourite time to read a book and a favourite time to snuggle up in my favourite blanket with Walter next to me. I find the sound of rain quite comforting and today was one of those days..well, it lasted 10 minutes but it was still a delight to me. Today is also the day Rayne was born and you can probably guess how her name came about! :D
She's a sweet girly bear made from beautiful and what I call 'pink champagne' pile mohair. Soft and gentle and very comforting, especially on rainy days, getting snuggled up with you in your favourite blanket! :D
Rayne is now available for adoption from my website.


  1. i came straight here from your flickr stream. you are 'da bomb' as young kids seem to say ( i think it means you rock) wow is all i can say. rayne is so pensive and delicate like she needs to be handled with lots of tlc. i hope to visit here again soon. dont know how to navigate ebay, but for curiosity how much would you let her go for? do you say no to the 99c bid? ok too many questions better go. bye rosey


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