Kuniko in a kimono

I know I won't be satisfied until I make a proper kimono for my bears and since I'd already gone out and purchased a stack of beautiful kimono fabric just sitting there in front of me, I couldn't help myself but just had to do something about it and to 'scratch that itch'! tee hee ...so the past few nights I've been burning the midnight oil till 2am making my new bear and sewing the kimono...most of it by hand! Please meet my lastest kimono girl "Kuniko". Kuniko is a simple and humble little girl who just likes to hang out and go shopping with her friends. :D

Kuniko's kimono is made from a traditional kimono fabric and I've line the inside. Kuniko wouldn't be complete without a little bag to go shopping with so using the same fabric and to match her her obi (belt), I created a little Japanese bag for her to carry.
Kuniko is now available for adoption directly from my website.


  1. Hello Jenny!

    Been a while since I've visited your blog so nice to see all the beautiful creations you've made. I especially love Kuniko,you've done a great job making the kimono.

    Love Christine :)


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