Orifiel - Angel of the forest

Please meet my Angel of the Forest "Orifiel"...she's very proud of her her beautiful feathered wings! I wanted to keep this design to be simple so that her lovely wings are the main features.
So wearing only her birthday suit and a pair of beautiful wings, I've given her a gold heart locket to wear around her neck so that she can keep her name and contact details inside in case she ever loses her way! :-) Orifiel is now living in Phoenix, US. looking for a new home and she can be adopted directly from my website


  1. ¡¡Precioso!! ¡Wonderful!
    Hugs from Spain.

  2. she's so sweet!!!
    very precious

  3. Hey there, is little Orifiel still available? :)

  4. I also want to know whether Orifiel still available for adoption and/or is the kit available for us to make one?


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