If you eat too much pistachio nuts you will turn green!! LOL
No point telling this elephant cub that as that is his favourite and I guess it doesn't matter now! tee hee..Please meet my new elephant cub created from my Trumpet pattern.."Pistachio"
who is approximately 17cm/7 inches tall and is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints. He wears beautiful dense mohair in a gorgeous green colour! He has pink polka dot inner ears and has a cute little "bug" printed on one of his footpads.
Pistachio has black German glass eyes with big rosey cheeks! He is filled with quality dense polyflock and his feet also contains garnet to give him more weight.
Pistachio is now available for adoption from my website :D


  1. WOW! Came across your blog today and your Toys are just cuteness!!
    Sam xx


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