we have a visitor!!

I've been a bit preoccupied this week and not much of JLB work got done. We even have a visitor staying with us a few days...Benny is 12 y.o now and he rather likes his naps especially after a morning of chasing Walter around the coffee table and kicking the ball. Yes, no mistake there, Benny understands "kick" and can kick a tennis ball back to you using his feet. Walter is yet to master that one! Jenny bear has been very excited and have attached herself to him like a missing limb, incessantly talking to him, giving him no peace.

It's a beautiful Saturday Spring day today but it also feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon. While waiting for mum to be released from hospital tomorrow, I'm in no mood to sew or to do anything but to laze the day away.

Here is a "Jenny bear and Benny" moment I like to share with you:

Better take Walter and Benny for a nice long walk before they turn into couch potatoes! :D
Hope you enjoy their little fun together and have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs, Jenny, Benny and Walter


  1. Hi Jenny, I absolutely L O V E your blog!!

    Pat xx

  2. What a lovely post!
    Bingle Bears


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