It's jennylovesbenny's Birthday and is 6y.o this month!! It seemed like only yesterday when I made my first bear and as I look back the years, I feel like a mum watching my little children grow and blossom. It's been another wonderful year and many bears have found new homes in far and wide locations. Many exciting places I'll love to be able to get the chance to visit one day.

"Corn" here is my sample bear, created from my first attempt at designing my own bear. I was very pleased with how he turned out and being my first, he's very special to me. He's still by my side, each day, keeping me and other bears in great company. Below is "Joshua", my very first bear to be created from my "Corn" pattern. "Joshua" was adopted by a lovely lady from Lincoln in the UK...hmmm...I wonder how he's doing now.

I often wonder whether I'm passing my bear's new home when I drive through a town where I know my bears have gone to live. Hoping that I might get a glimpse of them sitting by a window watching the world go by...

I'll like to THANK YOU for your support and for taking the time to send me lovely emails. It's always a delight to receive them and knowing my bears have made you smile! :D

To celebrate jennylovesbenny's 6th Birthday, I'll like to offer a blog giveaway. The winner will receive a softcover copy of my new Birthday Book together with a hard copy pattern of their choice.

How to Enter? Anyone who leaves a comment on this post during the next 7 days is automatically entered in the draw, starting with this post and ending Tuesday the 3rd of November.

Please leave one comment and tell me which is your favourite jlb bear from my adopted bears gallery page or from my patterns and also what pattern you would like to receive as the winner.

I will be using randome.org to generate a number to pick the winner. The winner will be revealed later that day. Good Luck and Thank you again!!! :D


  1. Congrats Jenny on 6 beary fun years! Here's wishing for many many more beary fun years to come :)

  2. Congrats Jenny! 6 beary fun years as Ruth said... Hope you got my greeting card =p My favorite among the gallery, of course would be my Charlie Angels hehehe.. That would be Harumi, Rosy belle and Serafina (on the way and not in gallery)... Seeing them does take the blues away and makes my place feel more alive... They keep the little monsters away hehehe... Can't wait to see what new JLB stuff you will come out with :D

  3. Happy 6th Birthday, Jenny! I love and admire your work! May you have 6 and 6, and 6 more birthdays after that...

  4. Well done Jenny! My favourite in the gallery is Chibi and my pattern of choice is Pepper. I love every single one of your little bears and their friends and would be absolutely thrilled to win your giveaway.
    PS. My daugher in Rockhampton let me know that my parcel arrived safely and the fabrics are divine. Cannot wait to see them in December. Thank you for being such a lovely lady.

    Pat xx

  5. Jenny, your toys are so beautiful and kind! I fall in love with first time when saw them!
    My favorite bear is Mina-chan, and the pattern - NATALIE bear.
    Hoping I'll be the winner! :)

  6. Дженни, я сердечно поздравляю вас с профессиональным праздником! Все игрушки - жить, они дают тепло и радость души) Спасибо! Трудно выбрать кого-то одного, но пленила мое сердце ... Воскресенье)

  7. Happy birthday :D I hope that Ur work will be 'never ending story' cos many people love Ur bears :). I am i love with each of them this is why it's not easy to say witch one is best for me :)
    Hugs and XXX

  8. Happy 6th birthday !! I'm new to the artist bear world & I love your work very much. It's a happy place to visit and the character I like most is Mushy Pea. It'd be fun to have him moving into my kitchen. If I'm lucky enough to win, I'd like to have his pattern :)

  9. Happy Birthday Jennyloves benny! Love your work! My favourite from the gallery is Kaeda, and my pattern choice is Trumpet. Can't wait to see more!
    Lisa xo

  10. Happy happy birthday! I'm head over heels in love with Midori! Also you had an elephant made with that same green mohair not too far back that I just adored but I don't see him on the adopted page. I remembered just gasping over him, too, tho.

    Choose one pattern? They're all so cute. I think it would have to be Petra.

  11. Happy 6th Birthday JLB! I am so glad I found your website, and your blog has become an addiction! I can't wait to see what your post is each day!!! Although I design and make my own traditional bears for other people, JLB bears are my weakness and love to make them for my very own collection! Like Lisa, my favourite from your gallery is Kaeda and I would love the trumpet pattern so I could make my very own Priscilla!

    May JLB have many, many more birthdays! And can't wait to see more and more lovely bears being born :-)

    Hayley x

  12. Many happy returns! I love your blog and your bears and creatures.

    My favourite is sooooo hard to choose - I think it probably has to be Meloday - the first pattern I bought from you and who I now have three versions sitting on my shelves. If I'm lucky it would have to be Blink please...

  13. Wow!! 6 years is amazing!!!

    As for you bears, I have always loved Yukiko! and as for patterns... I would love the puppy dog pattern!!!

  14. Hi Jenny! Happy Birthday from Kansas City! You know I love your bears and would have trouble choosing a favorite! But TODAY'S favorites are Mina-Chan AND Butterscotch. Tomorrow my favorite would probably be something different!
    The pattern I'd like would be Clementine!

    Again "happy birthday"! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  15. Congratulations and Many Happy Returns of your anniversary! You creations are ALL wonderful and it is too difficult to choose just one favourite, but I think it would probably be Cupid - so angelic! I think I would choose Flower pattern if I was to be lucky enough to win. Good luck everyone and thank you Jenny for your most generous giveaway!

  16. Happy Birthday!!! Congratulations on 6 years of beautiful bears. If I pick just one, the others that now live with me might become jealous, so my favorite(s) are Kuniko, Pistachio, Marshmallow, Harmony and lil Pumpkin. My favorite pattern is Chewy Panda.

    Congratulations once again on reaching 6 years!!

  17. Hi Jenny! Happy 6 wonderful years to JLB! Asking me to choose a JLB favorite is nearly impossible! Let see, I like Gabriel...and Orifel...oh, and there's Dau Dau...I can't forget Hiro...okay, it is impossible to choose my favorite. The patterns are nearly as difficult--they are ALL just SO cute! Today, I'm forcing myself to choose two--Puddle and Miffy. If I have the supreme luck to win, I would like the Miffy pattern (I made my daughter choose between the two!).

  18. JLB creations are always so fun to look at. And congratulations on 6 years, I hope you will continue for many successful years to come. I love them all but I think my favorites are the anime bunnys. If I won the drawing, I would be happy with any one of those patterns.

    Ta ta for now,

  19. Happy Birthday!
    Your bears are wonderful! Keep up the great work :)


  20. Happy 6th Birthday Jenny!!!!
    I really love your beautiful bears and friends. I think my favourite is Hiroko, she is just so beautiful in her kymono, although your anime creatures are wonderful! Please keep your creative inspirations coming for many years more!

    I would love Frostie's pattern.

    Kind Regards,
    Leann Anderson

  21. Happy Birthday! I love all these and wish I had the money to adopt all of them. My favorite is Robbie and the pattern is Trumpet.

  22. Happy Birthday Jenny! All the bears here send their love to you :-) Here's to many more! My Favourite is Gabriel - he's got such a sweet expression and I love tipped mohair.My pattern of choice is Dixie.

  23. Happy Birthday! Your work is really adorable and high quality :) Your sweethearts also inspired me to start makin teddies myself. So THANK U so so much! :)

  24. Happy Birthday to Jenny and all your bears, I just love your teddies and have been following for some time, also have a link to you on my own blog.
    Would love to be lucky and win one of your patterns they are all so special I can not choose one.

  25. Im sorry i totally forgot to participate in the contest :P My fav in ur gallery is Pudding, and i simply adore Wabito pattern :)

  26. I just know your blog by chance and I loved that bear treasures. Your hands are wonderful. Merry meet, and if not pointed at my sorte inconvenience, any of your precious bears will be welcome, all are wonderful. Greetings from Spain.

  27. I'v ejust found your blog and... my God!!!! I've never seen such a lovely and so cute creatures before!!!!!!! Your work is wonderful... all of them are fantastic, but If I have to choose I love Dean and Dau Dau and Frooty's pattern is my favourite!

    Congratulations and thanks for the chance!!!!a

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  28. hello jenny!
    a very happy birthday to you!! it´s great that, after such a long time, you still enjoy to create all these wonderful and lovely bears - and that there´s always something new to discover in your shop...

    my favourite is, of course, my own adopted bear MINT, created from your frosty pattern. every time i look at him sitting next to my bed he makes me smile and i have to hug him, ´til my dog jamie gets jealous ;-)
    i would like to try your pattern of little cutie ashie, seems to be a wonderful present for my godchild annika (and for me too...)

    i wish you all the best for the next years and all the bears you will create to make someone smile and be happy with!!

    lots of love, judith&jamie

  29. oooops - sorry!! just reread my entry and... MINT is made of your scooter-pattern of course...

  30. Happy birthday!!! Congrats on your 6th year anniversary!! All of your designs are absolutely AMAZING! It's so hard to pick favorites, but I think I like Harumi and Claudine the most. If I win, I would love a Pepper pattern!

  31. I just love everything you make!! especially the elephants!!! I am still trying to think of what to make with my green fur I got from you!!
    Here's to more happy years of bear making!!!!
    Margaret B

  32. I hope I'm not too late to enter your blog contest ^______^
    Horray! Happy bday to JLB ^____^
    I've been so impressed by all of your fantastically cute and adorable creations ^^ I hope that one day I'll be able to make wonderful and adorable friends just like you :)

    Anyways onto my favourites :)
    These three are my absolute favourites in your shop:
    2- BOBIN
    3- SCOOTER

    I couldn't choose which is my absolute favourite because each one you've created is just so adorable! I wish I could live with them all ^^

    If I were to win, I'd love to be able to create UMEBOSHI or BOBIN for myself :) They're smaller so I think it would be easier for me to start out with.

    Bobin is just TOO adorable, and I love UMEBOSHI's boxy shaped head. He's kinda awkward looking but I love him :) He's super unique, and I love his colours too ^^

    Here's hoping for the day when I will be able to afford to make an umeboshi or a bobin for myself :) When I get to, they'll definitely be writing some fantastic letters to you and yours :)

    I hope I'll be lucky! ^__________^


  33. Happy birthday!!!! A big hug from my jlb sweeties! My favourites are the couple Chichi and Chacha! ;-)

  34. Happy, happy birthday. Count me in. I love everything you do.
    Luv, Laura.

  35. Congratulations with your 6th bearmaking birthday!!!

    And having your own book. How cool is that.

    I found your link starting by The French Bear and then linked further. How lucky I am.

    I wish you a lot of "bearmaking" years, have a lot of inspiration and fun.

    Nice greetings,
    the Netherlands

  36. Ohhh, ooohhhh, I didn't read your message as I should. My favourite bear is Sunday and my favourite pattern is Frosty. I just love the look of his long arms and body!

    Nice greetins,
    the Netherlands.

  37. Oh man how to pick a favorite. All of your stuff is over the top adorable! But I guess my favorite is Hana. As for pattern I guess Hana or one of the chickadees or elephants. Is your book gonna be for sale?
    Keep up the cuteness
    Jenn Bontrager

  38. HaPpY BiRtHdAy JLB!

    My favourite of all your bears would have to be the adorable Pudding X) I just feel in love with him when I saw him the gallery. With out a doubt I would love his trumpet pattern so I could make my own little sweet heart.

    If I don't win it wont stop me getting to my pudding because I just finished my last exam for this year today so trumpet and chickadees here I come!

  39. Hi there! Nov 3rd is my birthday! Pepper is my favorite. What a cutie. Thanks for entering me in the giveaway :)

  40. Hi Jenny,

    Happy 6th Birthday. I download your calender background each month, they are always great and I just love bears. Your website was the first bear website I ever found on the internet and probably the only bear maker that I love that I don't actually have a bear from and I have a few bears at my cottage, just ask the lady at the postoffice who I'm always annoying (hardly able to wait for the postoffice to let me know when a new bear arrives). I have always wanted to make 'Puddles' but looking through all your bears on the adoption pages I really like 'Buddy' the wanna be panda. I would really like to win a pattern and kit to make him he is sooo cute. If I don't win could you please let me know how much it would cost for his pattern and kit. Thanks Helen. helenmc76@bigpond.com


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