:: Auber-Jean ::

As I sat by my window, I noticed a pretty little bud...each day, it would grow just a little bigger...

Fleur d'aubergine en bouton - Eggplant flower Originally uploaded by sinkha63

then one day, the petals opened and it was in full bloom..."my, what a beautiful flower you are" I said.

Aubergine Originally uploaded by endlessdrones

Next appeared a little fruit and each day, it would grow just a little bigger and also just a little bit rounder until one day POP came a little purple anime bear..."Auber-Jean"!

Please meet my new bear "Auber-Jean" a little egg-plant as we call it Down Under. He is created from my anime bear designs "Sleepy". "Auber-Jean" has just been listed on my website and is now available for adoption.


  1. Auber-jean is a little cutie with a scruffy look,looks like she could be full of mischief!
    the egg plant is amazing! x

  2. Auber-Jean is very cute, and her name is brilliant!
    I wish I had such wonderful bear producing plants growing here too. ;)

  3. This hand dye is really to die for hehehe I love Auber-Jean and the photos used... great photography!


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