Lots of kisses from Summer...

I get such a buzz when I hear about what my adopted bears has been getting up to. Today, I get
this wonderful email and photos from "Summer's" lovely mommy...

Hi Jenny, I hope everything is going great in Australia ! Here in Quebec, summer is finally here, ;O) It feels good to have a little warmth! It`s being a couple of months since Summer is living with me and I appreciate her as much as the day she arrived. I wanted to let you know that she`s being a good girl , very spontanious, curious ant still adorable ! I`m sending you those pictures so that you can see Summer with her little friends, or on the window`s edge (which she loves!) and with my jelllery box (which she also loves, cause she likes anything that`s precious , just like her !) She is sending you lots of kisses! Thank you again so much for your amazing creations; everytime I visit your site, it put a smile on my face :O) Have a great day , Bear hugs , Mary

Am so happy to see that Summer and her mommy is happy and looks like they're having lots of fun together! Thank you so much Mary for sharing these special moments with me, it tugs at my heart when I see these photos and knowing that they'll live happily ever after! :D


  1. A heart-warming story. Thanks so much for sharing.♥

  2. Oh what a lovely message it's great to see the bears in their homes. It's like they send their letters by bear-mail instead of airmail!
    Love Kat xx


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