Million Paw Walk....

It was a happy dogs day out as we took part in the RSPCA's Million Paw Walk.
The sun was out and it was such a beautiful day! The turned out was amazing as expected with many gorgeous dogs and their owners doing their bit for charity. Here are some snippets from our 5km walk around Albert park lake.

We registered and got our stickers, now we're ready for the walk! :D

Even this three legged dog did his bit around the 5km lake for charity! What an awesome dog!

Taking a break to feed the ducks..

can we go home now?? tee need to say, Walter has been fast asleep right after dinner and snoring very loudly too...guess who's going to be kept awake tonight!!
Hope your weekend was a good one too :D


  1. You are a beautiful doggie. And you are great to walk 5 km. Hugs

  2. It is great fun and we have one here where I live which I always take part in with my 2 dogs but for the first time I didn't take part yesterday due to a really bad headache but come next year I will be there!
    Take care. Hugs Lyn x

  3. THANK YOU Bijnte!!
    Lyn, it was lovely this year in Melbourne. The last two years we had rain during the event. Hopefully it will be lovely next year too. Big Hugs Jenny :D

  4. Oh Walter is so wonderful and such a cutie!!! 5km! wow....

  5. Thanks Ming, he's a little darling and getting his tooth extracted today. Poor thing broke his tooth while eating a bone!


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