Kitty helmet for Blythe...meow!

To recap some more from my two previous post, the past week I made a kitty cat Blythe hat.  I have to say I'm really enjoying creating helmets for Blythes.  It really feels like combining my two passions into one, bear and doll making!

This helmet is created from white mohair and black alpaca with inner green and white polka dot cotton fabric lining.  

He has one eye shut and one eye open so don't let him fool you thinking he's fast asleep!  No, he's always on a look out with one eye open where his black patch is.  He's a bit of a busy body that way!

At the back, his long black tail is revealed.   He's a little embarrassed by the pink ribbon and a little bell attached!


I love how it looks on Belle, hope you like it too!

Puchi: “why do you have a cat on your head?” Are you going to put ME on your head too? HeheheThis unruly whiskered kitty cat is now in my Etsy shop ~ one only!  Please visit: a fabulous weekend everyone, can't believe February is almost coming to an end already!!